A set of pictures with the opposite difficulty of naming

Here you can freely download the 63 black and white line pictures divided into three categories according to the difficulty of naming by the patients with various cognitive impairment (difficult, moderately difficult, easy). All the pictures have high name agreement with one Czech word between 90 – 100 %.

Why download the pictures?

These pictures can be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. The pictures and the electronic form for easy data collection are freely available for replication in other languages and countries.

Pictures that were difficult to name will be an important source for creating new screening tests and aids for discrimination of cognitively normal elderly people from those with cognitive impairment. On the contrary, easy-to-name pictures will be suitable for testing visual memory where the learning phase will not be affected by naming errors.

How did this happen?

First, a list of words accompanied by black and white drawings was created. These pictures were repeatedly presented to elderly people and patients with cognitive impairment during five rounds of preliminary research. The result was expressed by the percentage of name agreement of the picture name and its expected name.

The pictures which did not meet certain criteria were excluded out of the initial set of 173 picutres. The last set of 70 images was presented to a sample of 305 normal elderly people , and also to a group of 70 patients with a variety of cognitive disorders, primarily with Alzheimer´s disease. Both groups named the pictures.

The main outcome comprise of 14 pictures that were difficult to name for patients with cognitive impairment and easily named by normal elderly people – Eskimo, crane, thermometer, totem, mirror, cake, stamp, magnifying glass, traffic light, robot, waterfall, airship, submarine and chessboard.

Pictures with more than 90% agreement of correct naming in both healthy and cognitively impaired sample were identified as easy to name. They include barrel, pencil, moon, glasses, comb, key, pram, table, roller, chair and other 27 pictures.

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